Dickson questions Minister on Caterpillar jobs loss

Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has questioned the Economy Minister on how she plans to avoid the loss of jobs as Caterpillar in Larne and Belfast.

The announcement was unexpectedly made last week.

Stewart Dickson said: “This has come as a devastating blow to Larne, with many families facing extremely hard times in the run up to Christmas.

“I welcome the Minister’s desire to save jobs locally, to work with other bodies to slow the losses and provide support for those affected as they move forward elsewhere.

“However we can’t afford to see this happen time and time again and we must take steps now to protect and enhance our manufacturing sector here in Northern Ireland. I hope she will take stock, recognise the trends towards greener sectors, take steps to offer greener apprenticeships and ensure the financial support is there for those wanting to deliver a new way of doing business.”