Dickson not convinced by McCausland and Brimstone evidence

Alliance Social Development spokesperson, Stewart Dickson MLA, has commented on the evidence to the Social Development Committee inquiry on the BBC Spotlight allegations by former Minister Nelson McCausland and Special Adviser Stephen Brimstone.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “I was not convinced by the evidence from Nelson McCausland or Stephen Brimstone. Their attitude towards the Committee would lead some to question whether they were trying to hide something.

“I was surprised by their claims that they had very little recollection or no memory at all of certain events in relation to these allegations. I do not think a high court judge would have accepted such excuses.

“I was also disappointed by the continued attempts by the DUP members of the Committee to interfere in the questioning by other parties.

“It is clear that the DUP are attempting to use smoke and mirrors to dilute the effectiveness of this inquiry, but I won’t let their activities get in the way of the truth.”


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