Dickson – NICVA report highlights the problems Northern Ireland will face from welfare reform

Alliance Social Development spokesperson Stewart Dickson MLA has said that the most recent NICVA report on the consequences of welfare reform for Northern Ireland highlights that the policy is ill thought through and will do more harm than good.

The NICVA report claims that £750 million would be taken out of the Northern Ireland economy by welfare reform.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “This NICVA report has further highlighted the problems that Northern Ireland will face from the Coalition’s welfare reforms. The changes that were proposed by the Conservatives are ill thought through and will actually do more harm than good to our economy and society.

“We have recently seen a Scottish tribunal rule against the bedroom tax in the case of a woman who has multiple sclerosis. The case demonstrated the problem with trying to implement a one size fits all set of rules to benefits.

“My colleague Naomi Long MP voted against these changes when they were passed through Westminster. As a new member of the Assembly Social Development Committee, I will closely scrutinise the proposed changes in the coming weeks and months to try and find possible amendments to protect our most vulnerable.”


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