Dickson: ‘McConville decision a major blow to her family’

Alliance Justice spokesperson Stewart Dickson has described the decision by the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) that they have insufficient evidence to bring further prosecutions in relation to the abduction and murder of Jean McConville as a “major blow” to her family.

Mr Dickson was speaking after the PPS confirmed it would not prosecute seven individuals in the case of Mrs McConville, a 37-year-old widow who was abducted from her West Belfast home in 1972, on the basis that there is insufficient evidence to do so. One of the Disappeared, her body was found on a beach Co Louth in 2003.

“This is a major blow to Jean McConville’s family, who have already suffered greatly throughout this episode,” said Mr Dickson.

“The issue of the Disappeared is one of the most harrowing events in our history. The families of the victims have shown incredible bravery in the face of great suffering. This conclusion reached by the PPS is certainly a setback but I am certain they will continue their search for justice.

“I would again urge anyone with information on the murder and disappearance of Mrs McConville to come forward and help end the awful situation her family have had to endure for all these years.”

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