Dickson hits out at Precious Life for polling station posters

Alliance East Antrim Assembly candidate Stewart Dickson has hit out at Precious Life after the organisation continued its campaign of harassment by placing a number of signs close to polling stations in the constituency.

The signs contain the slogan ‘A vote for Alliance is a vote for abortion’.

“The posters erected by Precious Life contain lies,” said Mr Dickson

“Yet again, Precious Life are spreading more misinformation on Alliance. They are well aware abortion is a conscience issue for our party. Yet we have seen a relentless campaign against us and some candidates personally. Our East Belfast office was targeted by Precious Life protesters last week, with a personal attack on South Antrim candidate David Ford.

“They used disgusting, anti-Semitic language in comparing him to Adolf Hitler, while spreading false information about the content of his Private Members’ Bill on FFA. For an organisation to call themselves pro-life they appear to have little regard for the lives of Alliance candidates and our members of staff who they relentlessly harass and try to intimidate.

“A campaign which is deliberately spreading misinformation is damaging their own pro-life movement in Northern Ireland. I would like to think Precious Life will stop their campaign of smears and provocation, but I have little hope they will.

“We will not be intimidated or deterred by harassment from Precious Life. Abortion is a conscience issue for our party and the lies spread by Precious Life will not change our party policy or any member’s individual views.”

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