Dickson hits out at Kennedy over comments about National Trust

Alliance Regional Development spokesperson Stewart Dickson MLA has hit out at the comments by the Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy in which he attacked the National Trust’s decision to challenge the planning approval for a golf course at the Giant’s Causeway. The Minister was speaking at the Northern Ireland Affairs Select Committee in Westminster about a Regional Aviation Strategy for Northern Ireland. He stated that he was disappointed in the National Trust’s decision to do so and said that they had lost a lot of respect in Northern Ireland.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “I am frankly shocked that the Regional Development Minister has jumped feet first into this matter. I am not sure why he was getting involved in an issue which has nothing to do with his Department.

“I am disappointed in his comments and while he believes that the National Trust has undermined the planning process, I believe it is he who has undermined himself for such an outburst.

“While it was debatable how much respect I had for him following his Department’s poor response to last week’s flooding, today I have lost all respect for him following his comments.

“The National Trust responded to the planning approval within the allotted period for people to challenge it, I cannot see what they have done wrong. They are concerned with protecting our natural and built heritage and considering that UNESCO are concerned about this golf course, the NationalTrust have every right to say that the world heritage status of the Giant’s Causeway may be under threat and have asked for the planning approval to be reviewed.”


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