Dickson frustrated by lack of detail from Economy Minister

Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has said he is becoming “increasingly frustrated” with the lack of detailed answers to questions supplied by Economy Minister Diane Dodds.

Speaking after he received his latest round of questions aimed at answering the real concerns of the business community, Stewart said the disappointing responses left many searching for answers on their own.

He said: “We are now in week 12 of one the most threatening situations our local business sector has ever experienced. Add to that being months away from a potential hard Brexit and it’s clear this is a challenging and worrying time for many.

“This is the time for leadership, and creative thinking which is sadly lacking when one reads the answers to these questions.

“First the Minister wasn’t answering any questions and now the answers amount to nothing more than waffle, lacking the substance that will actually help the business community move forward.

“I’ll continue asking questions, will continue to fight for all those still seeking clarity as we begin to see lockdown restrictions ease and will continue to push the Economy Minister for clearer guidance.”