Dickson condemns Belfast violence

Alliance Justice Spokesperson Stewart Dickson has condemned the earlier outbreak of violence in Belfast City Centre.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “Tonight we have witnessed devastating scenes in the centre of Belfast. Businesses were left with no alternative but closure and the general public forced to stay away as scenes of violence were once again depicted around the world.

“Adding to the disappointment is that these violent clashes come during the World Police and Fire Games, with the city full of athletes and spectators from across the globe.

“Violence is never acceptable and what happened tonight cannot be justified. While those involved may have believed they were serving their cause, in the end they have only succeeded in showing Northern Ireland at its worst.

“In the absence of an alternative system all sides must respect the Parades Commission. It is the only lawful body whose determinations should be abided by, anyone breaking these determinations should be aware they are breaking the law.”

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