Dickson – Cherry Tree relatives demand action and accountability from Health Minister

Alliance East Antrim MLA, Stewart Dickson, has this morning (Wednesday) facilitated a meeting with relatives of Cherry Tree Nursing Home residents and the Health Minister. This meeting provided a forum for relatives to tell their personal stories, and discuss concerns regarding alleged abuse and mistreatment at the Carrickfergus nursing home.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “I have been in close contact with a number of the relatives of Cherry Tree Nursing Home residents, and organised a meeting with the Health Minister so he could hear first-hand their experiences and dissatisfaction with the Department’s response and a lack of full-scale investigation.”

The Donaldson report also found that RQIA was unable to properly investigate nursing homes and called for a new system to be brought in.

Mr Dickson continued:”The families simply want accountability for what took place in Cherry Tree Nursing Home and if the Minister cannot provide this following this meeting, a full, proper and independent investigation is the only thing that will satisfy the families.

“I am glad that the Minister took the time to meet the relatives, and we welcome his commitment to the recommendations of the July 2014 Review into Cherry Tree. However now is the time for action in implementing these recommendations and holding those responsible to account, I and the relatives will continue to follow progress, and will be seeking another meeting in the near future.

“We will also be pursuing a meeting with the Northern Trust to hold them to account for their failure in their duty of care to patients and their families, and to ascertain what they are doing to ensure the highest level of care for vulnerable people placed in private nursing homes paid for by public money.”


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