Dickson calls for Council to remove tyres from Carrickfergus bonfire

Alliance East Antrim MLA, Stewart Dickson, has called on Carrickfergus Council to remove tyres from a bonfire on Oakwood Road. A large amount of tyres have been added to the bonfire which is also in close proximity to an electricity pylon.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “I would call on the Council and the Department of the Environment to intervene and remove the tyres from this bonfire. There will be a serious health risk if these tyres are set on fire.

“Tyres have dangerous toxins in them, which if burnt, could damage the health of those watching the bonfire and people in the surrounding area, including young children.

“There should not be any acceptance of tyres or any other dangerous material being included in bonfires. I am also concerned by the close proximity of an electricity pylon to this bonfire which could pose a safety problem. The organisers of this bonfire have acted in a completely irresponsible manner.

“Many of the constituents who have contacted my office have pointed out that this is not about stopping bonfires taking place, but about ensuring that they are built in a safe and appropriate manner and don’t cause a serious health risk.”


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