Dickson calls for action, not words, on refugee crisis

Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has called for “action, not words” to support refugees from Syria.

Speaking during a Matter of the Day in the Assembly today (Monday), Mr Dickson said while Prime Minister David Cameron’s plans to take those in need in was welcome, specifics now needed to be discussed.

“The Prime Minister’s backtracking needs followed by appropriate action that sees the UK taking a lead role in helping resolve this crisis. It was recognition more needs done but now we need humanitarian action followed by international diplomacy.

“Northern Ireland has a long history of helping those in need and this is no different than similar historical situations. We should take a sizable number of refugees in line with other EU countries – we have nothing less than a moral obligation to do so.

“Whilst discussing this issue in a Matter of the Day was an important chance to put on record our thoughts and desire for more to be done, Alliance will continue to pursue having a full debate on this matter in future to ensure it received as wide an audience as possible.”

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