Dickson asks what action being taken to remove Leave posters

Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has written to the Minister responsible to ask what steps are being taken to remove Leave posters still up over a month after the EU referendum.

With many Leave posters still up throughout East Antrim, North Belfast, North Down and Strangford among other areas, Mr Dickson said it appeared the Leave campaign had vacated responsibility for the posters and the claims made on them.

“The limit set by law for election posters to be removed is two weeks after polling day. However, we are over a month after polling day and still various areas in Northern Ireland have been left covered in Leave posters.

“I have therefore written to the relevant Minister, Michelle McIlveen, to ask what steps are being taken to remove these posters from lampposts and other locations around Northern Ireland, and have further asked if fines will be issued if necessary.

“It is particularly galling that many of these posters contain lies which the Leave campaigners disowned themselves from in the hours and days immediately following the referendum. They had attempted to wash their hands of ridiculous claims such as those regarding the money we send to the EU, but because they haven’t removed the posters, we can still see the dishonesties they told the electorate.”

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