Dickson appalled by reduction of local bus services

East Antrim Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has said he is appalled to hear the Translink 218 and 219 bus services are to cease to service the Antrim Area and Causeway hospitals.

He said is was disappointing for the rural residents of East Antrim in particular, who would now find it more difficult to get to the hospital.

“North Coast Community Transport have informed me, while offering some small relief, the charity has inadequate funding to aid all the people who will suffer as a result of the cessation of the bus services to the hospitals.

“Translink receives over £60 million in Government funding. Despite reductions in funding and efficiencies required in Translink operations, the company is expected to consult passengers, local community representatives, politicians and other stakeholders on ‘any proposed service rationalisation’.

“With something as important as services to hospitals I was astounded to discover the bus services had been stopped. I have written to the Head of Translink Bus Services to express my disappointment in the ending of such a vital service and am awaiting his response.”

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