Dickson accuses UUP of hypocrisy over peace centre proposal

Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has accused the UUP of hypocrisy, after the party demanded a peace centre at the site of the former Crumlin Road courthouse.

East Antrim MLA Mr Dickson said the Ulster Unionists’ idea to build such a centre at the site went against the party’s previous history, when it rejected the previous attempt for a similar project at the Maze.

“Northern Ireland is in need of a Conflict Transformation Centre, the type of which we almost saw created at the Maze site a number of years ago. We have a history we cannot run away from and a project like this can provide the focal point for information, tourism and also healing.

“However, it is a bit rich for the UUP to suddenly propose such a centre at the Crumlin Road courthouse site when the party quite vocally changed its opinion from supporting the Maze site to opposing it for no good reason and subsequently badgered the DUP until it too stopped supporting the project.

“This is too important to play political games with or chase headlines. The DUP and UUP are the reason no peace centre currently exists at the Maze, so the way forward on one needs to have a consensus from all parties and no more about-turns before it is too late.”

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