Dickinson should admit he was wrong: Alderdice

ALLIANCE’S David Alderdice has condemned a joke made by Rev Stephen Dickinson about the Pope, in which he mimicked the Pope’s Parkinson’s disease.

Councillor Alderdice said:

“While you might expect certain Protestant leaders to make fun of the Pope and offend Catholics, to manage to offend Catholics and Parkinson’s sufferers in one fell swoop is something else.

“Rev Dickinson has caused great offence, and his remarks can only be described as grossly offensive. While no-one is saying religion leaders shouldn’t have a sense of humour, this indicates a lack of understanding and sensitivity.

“Making jokes at the expense of someone who was extremely ill at the time, no matter who it was, is something Rev Dickinson obviously needs to think hard about.

“Rev Dickinson should say sorry properly, because he has not done so unreservedly. Whether it was through ignorance or was intended it was still wrong. He should admit that what he did and said was wrong, instead of issue an evasive, half-hearted apology.”

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