Detention of Zimbabwe Opposition Leader is an outrage – Ford

Alliance Leader David Ford has blasted Robert Mugabe’s police force for detaining Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Morgan Tsvangirai during the Presidential election campaign. David Ford hosted Mr Tsvangirai in Belfast a few weeks ago as he visited the Liberal International Congress. The Alliance Party also established links with Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change following his visit.

David Ford MLA said: “The unlawful detention of Morgan Tsvangirai is a total outrage. He must be released immediately. Robert Mugabe’s actions are that of a desperate and brutal dictator whose support is vanishing by the day.

“We should be looking forward to a free and fair Presidential election in Zimbabwe but Mugabe’s forces are trying to disrupt it with a campaign of terror.

“The intimidation and violence must end now so that a peaceful, democratic election campaign can take place. I am very confident that fair elections would see Morgan Tsvangirai take control and deliver a bright and positive future for Zimbabwe.”


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