Departmental Review of Special Educational Needs provision needed

Alliance MLA Chris Lyttle has called for the Department of Education to carry out a review of the Education Authority provision for children with special educational needs.

Chris Lyttle said: “As Chair of the All Party Assembly Group on Learning Disability I have been aware of unacceptable difficulties faced by children with special educational needs. I have represented many families who felt the system let them and their children down.


“I have met with officials from the Education Authority to highlight concerns, about both an individual case and how the system overall does not seem to be delivering for more and more children. We now have allegations that applications from parents with children who have special needs were deliberately not processed. There must be an immediate review of the provision of the Education Authority for children with special educational needs.


“Alliance is calling for the Permanent Education Secretary to conduct a root and branch review of the operation of the Education Authority, with a particular focus on children with special educational needs in order to ensure parents have confidence that education system is providing the best possible care and opportunity for their children.