Department must ensure Mobility Car Scheme managed appropriately

Kellie Armstrong MLA has called on the Department for Communities to urgently consider the National Audit Office report regarding Motability Operations, after it emerged the company which supplies cars for people with mobility issues had been accused of over-charging its customers.

Kellie – who is the Chair of the All Party Group on Disability – said the Department had a duty to ensure the Mobility Car Scheme was being managed appropriately to ensure people with mobility issues are not being overcharged and the Departments scarce resources are not being misused.

She said: “The issue of overcharging means people who have mobility vehicles may have incurred more costs than necessary or appropriate. The amount identified by the NAO combines to a possible £390 million being unfairly taken out of the system by Motability Operations”.

“The Department now has a duty to outline the precautions they are taking to not only protect local users, but to ensure any overcharged amounts will be returned to those people on mobility benefits, who have taken the option of a car from the Motability scheme.

“We must get to the bottom of this and stop any knock-on negative effect for those currently within the system and the only way to do that is for the Department to be open with all regarding the current situation.

“I have already asked the Audit Office if they have plans to investigate and will continuing to push for answers until full transparency is disclosed.”

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