Delays in Executive are damaging public confidence in politics

Alliance Party Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy MLA has said that delays within the Stormont Executive are damaging public confidence in politics in Northern Ireland . He said that the failure to deal with the June Monitoring Rounds in the Assembly this week highlights this.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “Last year we had a long stalemate with the Executive failing to sit for many months. This year we have seen important legislation being delayed and little progress on a number of key issues.

“The recent debacle over the June Monitoring Rounds and the subsequent comments from Reg Empey shows just how poor the performance of this Executive is.

“Given recent racist attacks and subsequent tragic scenes, it is disgraceful that the Cohesion Sharing and Integration strategy is being delayed. We need action to help tackle racism and other forms of prejudice now.

“We also still have the Maze site sitting unused and little progress has been made the creation of a rapid transit system for Belfast . These issues reflect very poorly on the Executive.

“Even the creation of a sports strategy is being delay. These delays are damaging public confidence and given the revelations around MPs’ expenses, an extra special effort is required to show people that politics can work for them.”


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