Delay in Anti-Poverty Strategy a further consequence of direct rule – Bell

Alliance Party Deputy Leader Eileen Bell MLA has said further delays in the launch of the Government’s Anti-Poverty Strategy prove the need for the return of locally accountable politicians.

Mrs Bell, also the party’s Equality Spokesperson, stated: “Lord Rooker stated last week that the ‘Anti-Poverty Strategy’ would be delayed, effectively indefinitely. This is yet another consequence of direct rule.

“Direct rule is now hitting the most vulnerable in our society. They cannot rely on politicians, either at local or ministerial level, to represent their interests properly.

“This will also hit some of the best people in the voluntary and community sector, who are now operating without any certainty as to the direction Government wishes to take, or as to future funding requirements.

“The reality is we will have to take risks to restore devolution, because the penalty for not doing so is so great for so many.”


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