Delay an opportunity for water charge review

Alliance Health spokesperson Kieran McCarthy has

called for the delay in the introduction of water

charges to be turned into an opportunity to review the whole issue.

Speaking after it was announced the introduction of charges would be put back a year to 2007, the

Strangford MLA stated: ‘This delay was entirely

expected, and was something we in the Alliance Party were working towards. As such we welcome it, but only in the context that the time is now used to review the whole issue.

‘We in the Alliance Party and the Coalition Against Water Charges have enjoyed widespread support for our opposition to the implementation of water charges in this manner precisely because it affects everyone negatively. It is unnecessary and unfair.

‘We now fully expect a thorough review of how we pay for water delivery, including how the existing

infrastructure will be brought up to standard prior to any changes. That is the least the people of Northern Ireland should expect.’


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