Decision to remove home help for older people at sheltered housing is disgraceful

Strangford Alliance Assembly Member Kieran McCarthy has slammed a decision to stop providing a live-in assistant to help older people at sheltered housing in Ballywalter. A decision was taken by Corinthian Housing Association not to replace the live-in coordinator for older people when the current one retires at the end of November.

The sheltered accommodation in question is at Stewart Crescent in Ballywater and comprises 20 dwellings, one of which was home to the assistant.

Local representative, Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “It is disgraceful that Corinthian Housing Association will not be replacing the live-in care assistant when the current one retires at the end of the month.

“I have talked to residents and they are disgusted that the coordinator is not being replaced when she retires. They said she has done an excellent job and they do not know how they will cope if no-one is appointed in her place.

“We are trying to provide a better quality of life for older people, yet this Housing Association seems intent on making life more difficult for its residents.

“Currently one of the dwellings in the sheltered accommodation is occupied by the coordinator, who looked after residents’ needs. This coordinator lives on site and can be instantly contacted by residents through a buzzer system.

“They are cutting costs, but in doing so they are cutting corners with blatant disregard for these older people.

“Every few days we hear of another older person that has been robbed in Northern Ireland. Protection and assistance for these people must be enhanced, not taken away.

“Corinthian Housing Association must rethink this decision as it flies in the face of decency and common sense. If there is no coordinator living on site then how can this housing be called sheltered accommodation at all.”

“I am awaiting a meeting with senior board members of Corinthian Housing Association to raise the grave concerns expressed by the residents.”


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