Curran condemns shooting and attack on police in the Markets area

Laganbank Alliance Councillor Catherine Curran has condemned an incident in which police were attacked with fireworks in the Markets area of South Belfast last night as they investigated the shooting of a man. She also condemned the shooting incident in which a 20-year-old man was shot in the legs.

Cllr Catherine Curran said: “These are both appalling incidents and my thoughts are with the man injured in the shooting and the police officer injured in the attack.

“These despicable acts of violence have absolutely no place in our society and people in the area are shocked and appalled at both incidents.

“The police carry out very important work and it is disgraceful that they have come under attack as they investigated this shooting. The police protect the whole community and display massive courage in doing so. They should not have to face attacks like this when they are going about their crucial work.”


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