Curran calls for planners to refuse to allow demolition of Athletic Stores building

Belfast Alliance Councillor Catherine Curran proposed that Belfast City Council’s Planning Committee should oppose the demolition of the Athletic Stores building and has called for the planners to re-consider and reject the decision to allow the demolition of the building.

Cllr Catherine Curran said: “This is a landmark building with a proud heritage and I would like to see the planners reconsider the options and refuse to allow this demolition to happen. It is vital we protect and maintain the key elements of our build environment in the city.

“I proposed at the Council’s Planning Committee that we oppose demolition and I wanted to see the decision referred back to Planning Management Board. This building is a very important part of our cityscape and I believe that there is significant public interest in this issue.

“The planners should re-consider all the options again. There are clear alternatives to demolition which should be examined and I believe that renovation offers the best way forward.

“It is crucial that we have a balance for the city’s future which enables the protection of our heritage.

“It is the planners who make the final decision and I would call on the planners to refuse the approval for the demolition. This is a magnificent building and its role as a former linen mill is a very significant part of our proud economic and industrial heritage.”


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