‘Culture of responsibility’ must begin with politicians: Ekin [Belfast Community Telegraph]

A groups of children aged ten and under were last week were arrested for vandalising a school and church in Newtownabbey. We frequently hear reports of children getting involved in rioting and attacking the emergency services when on call-outs.

Who is responsible? Does anyone hold their hands up and take responsibility? Not these days, its seems.

Our society needs leaders, both political and in the family, to take responsibility for their actions or lack of. The lack of responsibility shown by some parents can be linked to the lack of political leadership shown by many politicians, as politicians supposedly set standards and set examples. Politicians must start taking decisions on Northern Ireland, instead of passing the buck and later the blame to Direct Rule Ministers.

If the politicians take the lead, then this will encourage parents to take responsibility for their families, and individuals to take responsibility for their own actions.

It is high time that political leaders set a good example to all, and took responsibility for decisions here. We need to create a culture of responsibility which holds firm throughout society in Northern Ireland, to create a better future all.

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