Credit to McCartneys for refusing IRA offer of shootings: Long

Responding to the news that the IRA offered to shoot those involved in the murder of Robert McCartney, East Belfast Alliance Assembly member Councillor Naomi Long stated:

“This barbaric and sickening offer shows that the IRA is still wedded to the idea of street ‘justice’ and human rights abuses as a means of resolving issues.

“The IRA keeps making offers that do not constitute natural justice, and it is a real credit to the McCartney sisters that they rejected this outrageous offer.

“Whatever flaws republicans believe exist in the justice system, at least there is always the right to a trial before a jury and the option of appeal. The IRA’s perverse form of ‘justice’ offers none of that; two wrongs do not make a right.

“If the IRA wants the community to feel comfortable going to the police, why don’t they lead by example? They know who the killers are and if they are genuine in their support of the McCartneys and want to see justice done and convictions secured, they should give whatever information they have that could help the family to the PSNI.”

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