Cowardly and outrageous move by Prime Minister, says Long

Alliance Leader Naomi Long MEP has said the Prime Minister’s request for the Queen to suspend Parliament only weeks before the Brexit deadline is a “cowardly and outrageous” move, which “follows in the footsteps of other dictators”.

Mrs Long was speaking after Boris Johnson made the move to suspend Parliament in September, meaning MPs are unlikely to have time to pass any laws to stop a no deal Brexit. The move to suspend Parliament has been backed by the DUP.

“This is a cowardly and outrageous move, more akin to something seen in an authoritarian state, following in the footsteps of other dictators,” she said.

“We have been told Brexit was about taking back control. However, with this move, parliamentary democracy is being undermined and sacrificed on the altar of Brexit, which puts us in extremely dangerous territory.

“It is the desperate act of a Prime Minister who knows Parliament opposes a no deal but who will attempt to push it through regardless. He has no mandate for this and has ploughed on ahead, despite knowing the consequences of Brexit in general and no deal in particular. Efforts must continue to prevent that scenario.

“In addition, it is utterly appalling the DUP are giving cover to this Parliamentary coup, when they know full well through the leaking of Operation Yellowhammer, the severe effects a reckless no deal will have on Northern Ireland, a Northern Ireland they profess to seek to serve.”