Council to write to Roads Minister about Dundrum Pedestrian Crossing

Newcastle Alliance Councillor Patrick Clarke has welcomed Down District Council formally writing to the Minister for Regional Development Danny Kennedy about the urgent need for a pedestrian crossing along Main Street Dundrum. Approval was given at the monthly meeting of full Council after a proposal made by Councillor Patrick Clarke to write to the Regional Development Minister to prioritise funding for the pedestrian crossing, which was supported unanimously by all Councillors.

Councillor Patrick Clarke stated: “I welcome Down District Councillors formally giving approval to make written representations to the Minister for Regional Development Danny Kennedy to prioritise and release funding for a new pedestrian crossing along Main Street Dundrum.

“Dundrum has been badly in need of a pedestrian crossing for a good number of years, and I have been continually lobbying and campaigning with DRD Roads Service to secure a pedestrian crossing.

“At the last meeting of Newcastle area Councillors the matter was discussed at great length with DRD Roads Service, PSNI, Council officers and Dundrum Village Association about Dundrum and the large volumes of traffic that pass through the village during the year and at busy holiday periods.

“Many pedestrians particularly the elderly are often waiting lengthy periods of time to get across the Main Street to either the post office or shops. At present there is not even a zebra crossing to assist pedestrians in Dundrum.

“Both the PSNI and DRD Roads Service agree that Dundrum village needs a pedestrian crossing, but to date DRD Roads Service have refused due to strict criteria guidelines regarding passing motor and pedestrian footfall, which Dundrum just falls narrowly short off.

“However DRD Roads Service conceded at the last Newcastle Area Councillors meeting that funding was also a factor and that if funding were released a pedestrian crossing for Dundrum would be considered.

“Down District Council as a statutory body may now be able to exert some pressure by writing directly to the Minister for Regional Development regarding financial funding for a pedestrian crossing in Dundrum.”


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