Council gives financial help to Belfast in wake of Primark fire, thanks to Alliance

Alliance has secured backing from Belfast City Council that will see the local authority approve £1.25 million of funding for Belfast City Centre in the aftermath of the Primark fire.

The funding will be focused on aiding businesses in the area in and around the cordon in Belfast City Centre and will go alongside the £500k already pledged by Primark for the area.

Speaking after the meeting, Alliance Deputy Group Leader, Nuala McAllister said: “We are delighted this proposal from Alliance secured full party backing. Traders and businesses in the area surrounding the cordon need to know they won’t be forgotten, especially as we work forward in finding solutions to issues facing them.

“Primark has pledged its support for Belfast and the community from which its location in Bank Buildings was very much at the heart. Belfast City Council is proud to add to this total and will be working hard to ensure our local traders and businesses are protected and enhanced as they key shopping season continues.

“As welcome as this move is today, it’s also concerning that the UK Government has had no financial involvement in what has become a major economic disaster in one of its main capital cities. That’s why it’s important Secretary of State Karen Bradley goes further than the walkabouts she’s engaged in to date and secured much needed financial help from the UK Government.”

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