Consideration must be given to those with dementia and carers, says Dickson

We must ensure consideration is given to those with dementia and their carers, Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has said.

The East Antrim MLA was speaking during an Assembly debate on promoting dementia-friendly policies. The motion called for a recognition of the need to prioritise and enhance the health and well-being of people with dementia, including highlighting the importance of earlier and better diagnosis, as well as transforming public understanding of the condition.

“There are approximately 22,000 people living with dementia in Northern Ireland and I doubt there is a single person in our society who has not been affected in some way by the condition. Personally, I have seen former work colleagues face the condition, as well as family members. I have seen the strain this places on individuals and families,” said Mr Dickson.

“With today being World Alzheimer’s Day, it is time to break the silence on this issue and put in motion steps towards a society which supports people with dementia and their carers in every way possible. That includes ensuring their inclusion in decision-making about their future.

“Dementia is not something we can ignore – it is part of our lives and we must ensure consideration for those with the condition and their carers is integrated into the planning and delivery of services, to ensure their dignity and well-being.”