Consequence of rising coronavirus cases will be further delays to waiting lists, says Bradshaw

A consequence of rising coronavirus cases will be further delays to waiting lists for other procedures, Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA has said.

The South Belfast MLA was speaking after a further 934 cases of COVID-19 were announced by the Department of Health, over twice the previous daily high, with one further death.

“The rising number of positive cases in recent weeks has unfortunately translated into increased hospital admissions, something we all feared would happen,” she said.

“The health and social care trusts are now, inevitably, going to have to respond by ensuring our hospitals are prepared for this second wave of patients. The consequence of this, however, will be our waiting lists for other procedures and appointments will be further delayed. There may also be further restrictions imposed on our lives.

“It should not be just up to the Health Minister or any one section of our health and social care system to take responsibility for stopping this second wave of infection. We all have a responsibility to re-double our efforts, to follow the clear public health advice and act over the coming weeks in the full knowledge the virus is spreading rampantly through our communities and we all have the power to stop it.

“Keep your distance, wash your hands, wear a mask indoors if fit to do so, and look out for the vulnerable members of our society. We all have a duty to follow this advice at all times.”