Concern and disappointment after Castlereagh council meeting

Alliance Vice Chair, Councillor Peter Osborne, expressed concern and disappointment after last nights Castlereagh Council Meeting when:

* The Council endorsed a DUP motion attacking the Agreement.

* The Ulster Unionist Group Leadership voted with the DUP against the Agreement.

* The Ulster Unionist Group turned down his request for a meeting to discuss co-ordination of a local ‘Yes’ Campaign.

Councillor Osborne said:

“I am dismayed Castlereagh is yet again, standing out as a bastion of backwoodsmen. I believe the Council is out of touch with grass roots feeling in the area.

“People want a Yes vote on 22 May. I am particularly annoyed with the Ulster Unionist Group. For months they have all attacked their Party Leadership.

“It is especially appalling that they will not countenance ever meeting with us to discuss a Yes Campaign in the Borough.”

Only 2 Unionists turned up for the vote, one backing the DUP and one voting against the DUP motion.


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