Combating racism – think globally, act locally

Alliance Party Chair, Yvonne Boyle, has underlined the need to combat prejudice both globally and locally to help stop racism and violence. Yvonne Boyle made her comments at the ‘Gender mainstreaming and conflict resolution training’ conference which includes delegates from Indonesia.

Speaking as the only member of a political party at the conference in University of Ulster, Yvonne Boyle said: “Valuing and integrating both women’s and men’s experiences into the political process in post-conflict societies is crucial in both Northern Ireland and Indonesia.

“Here, the tribal parties must move from prolonged procrastination towards working with everyone to address the running our of society.

“Here and globally, prejudice held against those of other faiths must be broken down, in order to put a permanent end to threats of violence and racism.

“The Alliance Party believes that respect for diversity and equality is essential, and we believe that working through painful difference is of vital importance, both locally and on the global stage.”

The conference is being held at Magee College, but delegates are coming to Belfast tomorrow to discuss interface issues and are also going to visit the Belfast Islamic Centre.


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