Cochrane welcomes commitment to ban irresponsible drinks promotions

Alliance Social Development spokesperson Judith Cochrane MLA has welcomed the commitment by the Department for Social Development to bring new regulations into place to ban irresponsible drinks promotions. The ban will take place from January 2013 and will affect promotions such “as all you can drink for £20”. The proposal follows the completion of a consultation exercise.

Judith Cochrane MLA said: “I very much welcome the decision by the Department for Social Development to bring forward a ban on irresponsible drinks promotions.

“I think many people will agree that some pubs and clubs have become careless with their drinks promotions and this adds to the culture of binge drinking. It often falls to local councils and emergency services to deal with the consequences of irresponsible drinks promotions.

“Pubs and Clubs have a duty to ensure that they are responsible to customers in what they sell and how they sell alcohol.

“The family of Joby Murphy have called for the end of these types of drinks promotions after the part it played in the tragic death of their son. That tragedy showed that irresponsible drinks promotions can have devastating consequences.”


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