Cochrane succeeds in getting Stormont lit certain colours to mark different occasions

Alliance East Belfast MLA, Judith Cochrane, has succeeded in getting consensus to have Stormont lit up in different colours to mark significant calendar dates. The Assembly Commission has agreed do mark St Patrick’s Day, 12th July, Remembrance Day and International Women’s Day.

Following an increase in requests from charities and public bodies to light the facade of Parliament Buildings, the Assembly Commission had agreed a policy on how such requests should be progressed.

Based on this policy, Mrs Cochrane put forward a proposal last week that the building would be lit to mark St Patrick’s Day, 12th July, Remembrance Day and International Women’s Day. A further 13 days would be allocated in a calendar year to charities and non-profit groups who can apply to the Assembly to mark an occasion.

Judith Cochrane MLA said: “Whilst this issue has not been the top priority for the Commission, I am very pleased that consensus was reached that Stormont will be able to mark these important dates.

“Just last week there was media interest in the fact that Stormont might not be lit for St Patrick’s Day in a couple of weeks, but there was a more pressing issue as I knew the Speaker was keen to mark International Women’s Day. Stormont will now be lit purple on Monday to coincide with a debate on an Assembly report on women in politics.

“It was good to see cross party support to mark these days. It is important that these occasions are commemorated in a shared and inclusive manner. This is a positive news story coming out of Stormont.

“Stormont is one of the most recognisable buildings in Northern Ireland that can be seen right across Belfast and I hope it can now be used to highlight certain days and events. We have sought to increase the Assembly’s engagement with the public and I believe that by using the new lighting system we can increase engagement with different groups and organisations.”


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