Cochrane says CBI report shows why we should remain in the EU

Alliance Finance spokesperson Judith Cochrane MLA has said that a report by the CBI has shown why the UK should remain in the EU. The report, which was launched ahead of their annual conference today, said that staying in the EU is worth up to 4 – 5% of UK annual output and is ‘overwhelmingly’ best for business.

Judith Cochrane MLA said: “This report has highlighted the benefit for the UK to remain in the EU, as it is worth so much to our economy.

“While this report has shown the benefit for the whole of the UK, in Northern Ireland this benefit is further multiplied due to our access to programme such as the current Peace III and INTERREG, which have provided hundreds of millions of pounds for our local economy and infrastructure.

“I welcome this report as a clear business case for the UK’s continued membership of the EU, without getting into the political debate between the Conservatives and UKIP.”


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