Cochrane receives confirmation that Comber Greenway land won’t be sold off

Alliance East Belfast MLA, Judith Cochrane, has welcomed the confirmation from the Minister for Regional Development that his Department retains ownership of the land along the Comber Greenway that has been partially fenced off by adjoining properties. Mrs Cochrane had written to the Minister after concerns were raised that the fences may lead to some of the land being sold off in the future.

Judith Cochrane MLA said: “The Comber Greenway is a valuable asset that is used for a variety of activities by the whole community.

“I had been contacted by local people who feared that some of the land may have been sold off after several fences appeared along the embankment, and so I raised these concerns directly with the Minister.

“I am pleased that he has confirmed that his Department has a record of the land which has been partially fenced off by several properties and that it is still in DRD ownership. This will mean that should the Department wish to use the land, they can claim it back from the property owners. I hope this reassures those who were worried that part of the Comber Greenway may have been lost.”


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