Close slams attack on loyalist critic

Alliance Assembly member Seamus Close has said he would be unsurprised if loyalists carried out an attack on the home of Church of Ireland rector, the Rev Earl Storey.

Mr Close said: “I condemn this attack, no matter where it came from, unreservedly.”

“But even the rector himself suspects this was the work of loyalists, who resent his views on the need to distance the Church of Ireland from the Orange Order.”

“As has been shown in recent days by two attacks on fellow Alliance councillors who complained about terrorist murals, it seems that loyalist paramilitaries are on a mission to intimidate anyone – regardless of religion – who criticises aspects of loyalist culture.”

“This is a sinister development, and can only be described as the work of modern day fascists. They seem unable to face up to constructive criticism, particularly when it is put in an intelligent manner.”


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