Close criticises imminent Iraq invasion

Alliance Assembly member Seamus Close has strongly criticised the Prime Minister and President Bush as they prepare to invade Iraq.

Mr Close said: “The imminent invasion of Iraq is wrong. Bush and Blair say that they feel threatened, so they are going to attack first. That message, ‘get your boot in first’, is typical of the thug and bully, and no way for so-called democratic leaders to act.

“They have kicked diplomacy and democracy into touch. Both Bush and Blair claim to be Christians, yet they appear to ignore the fundamental message of Christ – ‘love your enemy’. Through their bully-boy tactics they have succeeded in fracturing the United nations, the European Union, NATO and the civilised world.

“They will subject tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens to death and destruction and then attempt to tell the rest of the world that it is for the good of the Iraqi people. They have already started to give a new meaning humanitarian: destroy first, then rebuild.”


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