Clarke welcomes NIE replacing outside electricity cables in Dundrum

ALLIANCE Newcastle Councillor Patrick Clarke has welcomed Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE) commencing replacement works of outside damaged electricity cables to buildings along Main Street Dundrum.

The work follows a number of site inspections of outside electricity cables running along the top frontage of the buildings.

Councillor Clarke had previously made representations to NIE – which owns and maintains the meters and wiring – to inspect the exterior wiring after insulation on electricity cables on Main Street began to show wear and tear.

Councillor Patrick Clarke said: “Representations were made by me to Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE) who own and maintain the meters and electricity wiring to carry out a full street inspection of all exterior electricity cables attached to the top frontage of buildings along Main Street Dundrum.

“I now welcome NIE commencing works to replace damaged electricity cables following a street survey of Main Street Dundrum. I had requested the street survey to identify any buildings along Main Street which NIE may not be aware that have damaged insulation on outside electricity cables.”

“The majority of buildings along Main Street Dundrum are listed and it has been noted that some pieces of the insulation outside along certain sections are badly worn, missing and damaged, and it was felt by some residents that this posed a real risk to anyone working on the outside of buildings.

“NIE have previously carried out repairs to some buildings periodically along Main Street to replace exterior electricity cables which have become damaged through age, wear and tear and the buildings being along the coast subjected to the weather elements.

“I am pleased that the replacement of exterior electricity cables to buildings along Main Street Dundrum which was prioritised by NIE has now begun following both written and verbal representations outlining my concern as to the condition of some of the exterior electricity cables.”

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