Clarke questions Environment Minister on Dundrum Castle

Newcastle Councillor Patrick Clarke has asked the Environment Minister to outline what immediate action is planned to highlight the tourism value of Dundrum Castle.

In July the Minister revealed via a letter to Councillor Clarke that the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) was considering a number of options to boost Dundrum Castle.

The local Councillor contacted the Minister this week after a Village Development Plan was completed by Dundrum Village Association and Mentor Consultants, identifying promoting Dundrum Castle as a tourist attraction as a priority.

Councillor Patrick Clarke said: “I have contacted the Environment Minister again to find out exactly what stage plans are at to boost the tourism potential of Dundrum Castle.

“In recent weeks Dundrum Village Association, along with Mentor Consultants, have unveiled a Village Development Plan and among one of the findings identified is tourism potential of Dundrum Castle.

“In July the Minister revealed the NIEA was considering two possible options for a small visitor centre at Dundrum Castle, as well as clearings in the woodland to provide sight of the castle from the approach roads to Dundrum. It is now three months later and I want to know what progress has been made.

“I also highlighted that at present there are no road signs on either side of Dundrum Village to advise drivers about Dundrum Castle as people drive into Dundrum. I would also like to see flood lighting installed at the site.

“I want the Environment Minister to discuss with the NIEA and DRD Roads Service to investigate placing new road signage along the Main Road on each side of Dundrum village to better promote Dundrum Castle to passing drivers.

“Dundrum Castle offers a fantastic opportunity to increase Tourism in the area, and one that must be used to its full potential.”

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