Clarke praises quick and effective Council action

Newcastle Alliance Councillor Patrick Clarke has praised Down District Council for its quick and effective response to flooding in the area.

During flash flooding on Thursday, July 5, the Council declared an emergency situation, activating its action plan immediately. The Council has remained on high alert since, as flood warnings persist for the weekend ahead.

Councillor Patrick Clarke said: “I want to praise the staff of Down District Council, who have worked tirelessly to ensure the flood damage in the Newcastle area was minimal. Their hardwork and dedication has actually saved many from potential devastation.

“The quick reaction of staff saw sandbags delivered around the most at risk areas, a move which saved many homes and limited the overall damage in the area. Declaring an emergency situation in Newcastle ensured residents were aware of what was happening and knew what precautions to take.

“I am equally impressed with the Council’s response after the immediate flood threat had passed. Staff set up a multi-agency advice centre, including organisations like the Red Cross and Citizens Advice, letting those affected by the flash flooding get the support and advice needed.

“I have no doubt that this high level of service will continue over the coming days as the risk of further flooding continues. The staff on the ground have certainly made the ordeal of those affected easier to handle.”


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