Clarke concerned at delay in Maghera Flooding Incident Report’

Newcastle Alliance Councillor Patrick Clarke has voiced his concern at the ongoing delay in the completion of flood incident report for Maghera village

DARD Rivers Agency is still in the process of completing investigations into flooding which occurred in Maghera back in 2008. However to date investigations into Maghera have not yet been fully completed.

Newcastle Alliance Councillor Patrick Clarke said: “The ongoing delay by DARD Rivers Agency into the completion of flooding incident report for Maghera has been ongoing for some considerable time.”

“The flooding back in 2008 caused major damage and inconvenience to many residents and businesses in Maghera village.”

“Action needs to be taken to prevent a reoccurrence of any possible future flooding which so badly affected many people back in Autumn 2008 in Maghera.”

“Maghera is now a designated flood risk area, as illustrated on flood maps on the DARD Rivers Agency website. Insurance companies now use this reference and I would be concerned that owners of properties in Maghera may have difficulty in obtaining affordable insurance if the DARD Rivers Agency does not make any corrections that are required in regards to flood risk management.”

“It is my understanding that DARD Rivers Agency prepared a pre-feasibility report on the Leitrim/Ballybannon River for Maghera, which was to be looked at by Engineers in the Rivers Agency Head Quarters. Consultants were to be asked by the Rivers Agency to conduct a detailed study of the matters of concern and report to the Rivers Agency.”

“A number of residents in Maghera are extremely concerned at the length of time this Flood Incident Report is taking by DARD Rivers Agency?”

“Residents are also deeply concerned about the possibility of future flooding in Maghera village.”

“I have made written representations to DARD Rivers Agency requesting clarification as to the present situation regarding Maghera village and what necessary action that DARD Rivers Agency propose to take to prevent any future river flooding to residential and business properties in Maghera and to improve flood protection.”

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