Clarke appeals to people to check on older people during Christmas period

Newcastle Alliance Councillor Patrick Clarke is urging people to look out for older family members and neighbours this Christmas and over the winter period.

Councillor Patrick Clarke stated: “Older people, and people who are ill, are particularly vulnerable during cold weather. We all have a role to play in remembering the needs of friends, relatives and neighbours who could be at risk especially at this time of year as we approach Christmas.

“Ways people can help include checking on neighbours to make sure they are well, making sure they’re warm enough and helping them stock up on food.

“While families are pulling crackers, opening presents and enjoying their Christmas dinner, the festive period can be a time of dread for some people, especially for people who are on their own as it can be the worst possible time. Isolation is a big issue, and when the weather closes in some people are reluctant to go out in the evening. Christmas can be a difficult time, reinforcing feelings of loss and loneliness. I would appeal to people to think of neighbours and people in the community who are most in need during the Christmas and winter period.”


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