City Council efforts on pitbulls are welcome, but laws must be tightened

Alliance Party Deputy Leader Naomi Long has welcomed news that Belfast City Council has seized 49 pitbulls since last May, but she said that the current laws must be reviewed to give the public more protection. She called on government to toughen up the legislation two years ago but they have not yet acted.

The Victoria Councillor said: “I am pleased that efforts to tackle the problem of pitbulls in Belfast have been increased; however, the Government must strengthen dangerous dogs legislation immediately.

“Two years ago, I demanded that the laws be reviewed to give the public greater protection, but the government is yet to act.

“The current laws focus in on specific breeds which pose a risk. However, these measures must be strengthened so that they apply to all aggressive dogs that are not kept under control.

“A major loophole also currently exists in the Dangerous Dogs Act. Attacks on humans and livestock are covered in this legislation but attacks on other dogs are not.

“This loophole must be closed immediately to provide the effective protection people have been crying out for. “


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