Chancellor’s statement sets challenge for NI Executive says Alliance

Alliance Party Finance Spokesperson Stephen Farry MLA has welcomed the £20bn fiscal stimulus but contrasted the decisive leadership of the British Government to the relative inactivity of the Stormont Executive.

Dr Stephen Farry MLA stated: “Alistair Darling should be congratulated for taking decisive actions to kick-start the British economy in the face of recession and the global economic downturn. The scale of the problem requires a radical response.

“We in Alliance would have preferred more targeted support for low-earners and a greater emphasis on the prioritisation of investment in re-balancing the economy, through for example, greater investment in infrastructure and renewable energy. The forthcoming ‘Green New Deal’ from the incoming Obama Administration should illustrate the way forward.

“The strong actions from the UK Government contrast with the inactions of the Stormont Executive. Of course, a devolved administration does not have the same degree of powers, but they do have many tools at their disposal.

“Where is the commitment to bring forward capital schemes to help the beleaguered construction industry? Where is the commitment to the prompt payment of public sector bills to assist local businesses? Where is the commitment to invest our scarce resources in infrastructural and environmental investment rather than populist gimmicks?”


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