Case against conflict transformation cash is stacking up

Newtownabbey Alliance Councillor Tom Campbell has stated that the case against providing conflict transformation cash is stacking up following attacks in Carrickfergus. He called on Social Development Minister Margaret Ritchie to stop the funding as soon as possible. The attacks were in relation to a UDA feud and both took place in Castlemara Estate in Carrickfergus.

Cllr Tom Campbell said: “The case against public cash being given to the conflict transformation project keeps stacking up. Margaret Ritchie must remove funding as soon as possible. This cash should be put into building confidence in the community and building the local economy.

“These attacks in Carrickfergus were totally despicable. Northern Ireland has moved on and left these thugs behind. They have no place in our society and should shut up shop and leave the community in peace.

“Unfortunately, it is probably too much to expect that the UDA would heed the wise words of Rev Harold Good.

“The pressure will now be on the Social Development Minister to end this funding. There can be absolutely no justification for providing it.”


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