Carrick Council Unionist Pact denounced by its newest Councillor

Alliance Carrickfergus Councillor, Noel Williams, who was returned to the Electoral Office on 27 June and attended the AGM that evening, has expressed his surprise that a Council with an official Public Equality Scheme took no measures to ensure equality in the process of appointing mayoral or committee chairs. Despite having three Councillors, Alliance was excluded from the Mayoral positions and Committee Chairs.

Cllr Noel Williams: “Carrickfergus Council, like all other Councils in Northern Ireland, has adopted an official Public Equality Scheme but there had been no attempt from the Unionist parties of DUP and the UUP to engage with any other elected members including the Alliance and Independent councillors.

“I intend to make a compliant to the Equality Commission and I will be inviting them to asses if the lack of engagement, which effectively excluded those elected members from meaningful involvement if filling the various offices, and to rule if the Councils’ Public Equality Scheme had been breached.

“Again we have seen the UUP carrying out Unionist Unity with the DUP, and actually doing the bidding of the DUP. People in Carrickfergus need to realise that if you vote UUP in Carrickfergus you actually get DUP and once aware of what happened at the AGM, people will indeed be wondering why they bothered voting for the UUP if they are merely going to do the DUP bidding.

“This is simply harking back to the old days of Unionists believing that it should be a Unionist Council for Unionist people. Nobody I talk to on the street believes that this type of opinion is acceptable anymore. Moreover, other adjacent Councils of Larne and Newtownabbey even go so far as to check decisions at AGMs against their Public Equality Scheme. Alas it appears that the Unionist parties in Carrickfergus are not interested in moving forward by implementing such measures.”
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