Carers Rights Day opportunity to recognise role of carers, says Armstrong

Alliance MLA Kellie Armstrong has said Carers Rights Day is an opportunity to recognise the vital role carers have been playing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alliance’s Communities spokesperson, Kellie said for over nine months, close to 360,000 carers in Northern Ireland have provided unpaid caring duties, saving the Government £19 million per day – a feat that now must see additional support applied.

She said: “The work of carers has been quietly continuing throughout this pandemic, with many having little chance for a break. This has led to stress and pressures not only on the overall system, but on individuals, with many facing burnout but with little option but to continue.

“That’s why I want to help Carers NI ensure all carers know their rights and I support their call for better resources. From making sure carers can take breaks, to raising the level of carer’s allowance and providing sufficient funding for social care over the winter – there is much more could be done to promote the essential work of this sector.

“I also support the call for a New Deal for carers, with medium-term tangible action to support carers and those they care for. Longer term, carers also need to be placed at the heart of a reformed and sustainable social care system that provides more support to both those providing and receiving care.”

If you are a Carer and are looking after someone, you can find out about your rights and what resources are available by calling the Carers UK Advice line on 028 9043 9843 or by emailing