Campbell welcomes civil partnerships

Newtownabbey Alliance Councillor Tom Campbell has said that he welcomes the move in relation to the registration of civil registration of same sex partnerships.

Cllr Campbell said:

“Newtownabbey will provide the facilities for registration of such partnerships and I welcome this. It must be remembered that there are important legal implications in terms of inheritance for those involved. This is not what has been termed by others as a ‘gay wedding’ ceremony. What is being offered to these couples is the formal legal recognition of their relationships to which they are entitled by law. I hope that this issue will not be used by others as a basis for displaying intolerance or prejudice and that we can move forward with respect and sensitivity for those involved.

“The registration is a statutory requirement of Councils. It is up to the Councils themselves as to whether they should also facilitate a ceremony in addition to completing the formal legal requirements. For my part I would look sympathetically at the use of Council premises for a ceremony, if requested. As far as I understand it, the Council’s officials have not had an opportunity to consider what facilities, if any, should be on offer. Ballyclare Town Hall could be such a venue.”



Information on civil registration:

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